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“Purescapes is renowned for its tailor-made group fitness holidays”

Conde’ Nast Traveller UK

“Purescapes was a memorable and exhilarating experience”

The Tattler

“Top 10 choice for the World’s Best Revitalizing Retreats, Harper’s Bazaar”

Harpers Bazaar

“A fitness holiday that won’t put the fear of God into you. These guys take you back to basics, insisting on functional training and rock-solid core stability-you know, like you had as a teenager. And you don’t need to be an exercise freak to enjoy it. By the end of the week even the most rebellious will leave feeling strong, lean and energized enough to run back home (steady).”

Tatler spa guide: Best 101 spas in the world

“I’ve always wanted to go on a ‘boot camp’, but not to ‘get bikini buff’, or change my life to a macrobiotic Madonna-workout fantasy. I just want a tune-up to my routine that delivers fast and effective results. Luckily, this holistic week-long programme is less about slapping the chocolate out of your hands than discovering how food, exercise and pollutants affect you mentally and physically.”

Does this look like a boot camp to you?

“In the days that followed, kayaking and snorkelling became my two new favourite activities. The waters were warm and clear and the bright-hued fish make this one of the most treasured snorkelling spots. If you’ve never snorkelled before – like me – this seems the perfect place to start!”

Going for glow

“If you want to pack hours of personal training into one week, while staying at a gorgeous private villa and kick bad body habits into touch with a crack team of professionals, then sign up here. Novices and pros will be equally challenged, and there are specifically themed fitness weeks. The marathon prepping retreats, for example, teach you how to train, eat and sleep properly, to get you as fit as possible to run. “

Purescapes, Europe

“Launched in the Algarve, Portugal, Purescapes has added the ruggedly beautiful volcanic island of Lanzarote to its programme of fitness retreats. Participants stay in luxury Moroccan-Indonesian style villas, and one-on-one circuit training and nutritional analysis are included, as well as group yoga and qi gong. There is also plenty of time to go surfing or exploring the region on foot or by kayak. “

Best Spas in The World

“Destiny’s Sonja Raath invites you to follow her on her five-day journey of fitness, mild sunstroke, mosquito bites, yoga and tranquility as she takes part in the Purescapes Fitness Programme on the banks of the Guvoru River Estuary in Mozambique. Everybody chant, “Om!””

Purity in the Tropics

“After 20 years a vegetarian, Carol Lewis was a changed woman… What is more, I’ve hired a personal trainer and started enjoying circuit training. So what explains this personality disorder? I spent a week at a retreat in Portugal. This wasn’t a kick-back-and-get-pampered retreat. This was Purescapes, a wellbeing and fitness. “

After 20 years, I’m back on meat

“Within 24 hours I’m standing taller, my shoulders have relaxed and my normally billowing waistline is starting to look positively Scarlett O’Hara-esque. Could progress really be this quick? As the week progresses I feel the stresses of modern life peeling away – no deadlines, no pressures, no expectations from anyone else.”

Boot camp bliss in Lanzarote

“Bikini-Bootcamp: Hardcore-Work-out in der Natur Ein Aufenthalt in diesen Resorts bringt Sie garantiert ins Schwitzen – und das liegt nicht am Wetter: Purescapes, Portugal Fitness- und Ernährungsexperten stellen für jeden Gast ein individuelles Programm zusammen. Ein typischer Tag besteht aus Einzeltraining, Radfahren, Tennis, Kayaking, Surfen, Boxercise und Yoga.”

Drei Work-outs fur eine Hammerfigur

“This is definitely the haute couture of fitness breaks.”

Running In Heels

“I return home excited because I’ve figured out the “point” of exercise. The most liberating discovery is that I don’t need to go to the gym and sweat on a treadmill like a hamster. I can do circuits in the park, I can do core training with a Swiss ball and weights in my own living room.”

Ryanair Magazine

“Purescapes is a fitness camp like no other. The days are intense and include two circuit-training sessions, surfing or sea kayaking, consultations with the knowledgeable on-site personal trainers and a welcome massage before you drift down to a dinner of locally sourced organic produce.”

Escape to Victory

“Purescapes is perfect for those who like the idea of getting fit in luxury. The activities are many and all take advantage of the local environment, whether it is hiking along the coast or circuit-training in the hills. Activities include surfing, fitness -training, qi gong, yoga, boxercise, nutritional consultations and massage, so you’ll never be bored.”

Best for outdoorsy types

“Keeping fit by pounding away in the gym: boring. A fitness holiday on the Algarve: altogether more appealing. Purescapes offers week-long ‘health retreats’ on a lush 40-acre Portuguese farm estate, with a holistic approach that takes in everything from hiking the hills and cruising the coast to consultations with nutrition and exercise experts.”

Holistic Retreats In Portugal

“Getting your body in shape for this summer’s swimsuit doesn’t have to be a sweat
For those who pale at the thought of putting on swimwear, don’t fret so – we’re here to help. Before you bare (almost) all, what you need is a short, sharp session of intensive training. Our training takes place… in a spa. And only the hottest, most glamorous ones.”

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“Purescapes (www.purescapes.com) is a new health retreat near Faro. Who goes? The staff are too discreet to say, but Mel B’s favourite Chinese therapy – Qigong – is taught here. What’s involved? Daily yoga, massages and activities like hiking. The retreat’s consultants customise a diet and exercise regime for guests to use at home. “

Purescapes, Portugal

“Rejuvenate at the base of the Pyrenees in Purescapes’ new retreat in Girona, Spain, where you can hike, mountain bike, surf and sail. A week here includes nutritional consultations, sleep and stress management, activities including qigong, boxercise and yoga, and local organize cuisine.”

P is for the Pyrenees

“Luxury for money: This new health and fitness retreat combines luxury with weight loss. The wow factor: The white-washed walls are set off by vases filled with fresh flowers and brightly painted artwork on the walls. There are no TVs or phones. It is so tranquil that within a few short hours you begin to feel yourself slow down.”

Spa Report: Purescapes

“Walking boots, running shoes, tennis racquet and gym wear – and an obscene number of sport socks – meant that travelling light was always going to be out of the question. After all I had entered unknown territory on signing up to one of the world’s newest health retreats. The least I could be was well equipped for an action-packed week away with Purescapes, an active health retreat that involved circuit training, kayaking, surfing and hiking.”

Get active in the Algarve

“If you’re feeling out of shape after a dozy winter, kick-start your fitness regime with a motivational holiday. …stay in a luxurious Algarve villa and be treated to one-on-one fitness sessions and group classes, yoga and boxercise. Meals are organic, and there’s plenty of free time to indulge in massages, swim in the pool and go on organised hikes through the beautiful Monchique mountains.”

The Fitness Retreat

“As the name suggests, Purescapes is a heady break not just from an established routine but old holiday habits-a novel way to relax and recharge with personal rewards that extend beyond a tan. The brochure does promise a life altering programme but it’s not one of those existential exercises that get you in touch with your inner self, rather it’s a bold fitness regimen in four exotic locations that promises to get you in touch with lesser-known muscles.”

Boot Camp Beckons

“Bringen Sie in diesem Sommer doch mal ein ganz besonderes Urlaubs-Souvenir mit nach Hause: Ihren Body in Top-Form! Bei der Aktivwoche des britischen Reiseveranstalters Purescapes, die in Portugal, Spanien, Italien und auf Lanzarote angeboten wird, gibt’s nicht nur Sonne satt, sondern auch jede Menge Sport und Spaß.”

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